Why Videos?

A picture is worth a thousand words. Multiply it by hundred for videos and you get to know why video is what it is - a powerful tool for reaching and expanding your audience, generating revenue and creating more effective digital communications.

Learning & Development

With employees being 75% more likely to watch a video than read a mail or memo,Videonx helps make training more versatile, events more accessible, and employee communications more engaging.

On boarding

Give new hires the information they need to succeed! And videos present the perfect medium! With Videonx, you can create a library of new hire videos right from introduction to an organization’s culture to tutorials on best practices in every role including on-demand information on statutory benefits and enrolment procedures exclusively meant for employees and their families.


Videonx makes video learning easy regardless of where you are and what you do at a point in time! From an instructor-led training event to a quick micro-learning tutorial, you can easily capture and share anything from job-specific skills to complex organizational processes. With our partner apps for Windows and Mac, recording training videos is a breeze. Simply select the video sources you want to capture and click Record!


A single solution for live and on-demand video! In times of increased costs, intense competition and dearth of time, use your team wisely! Leave it to Videonx to create awesome online events using its expertise that reaches the widest possible audience in the minimum of time!

Social learning

Sharing your knowledge via on-demand video by Videonx gives people, including your own employees the power to access the team’s expertise whenever and wherever they need it. These could be a quick “ask-the-expert” conversations or detailed videos explaining product features and its architecture or even how intra-company exchanges could help alleviate situations!

Sales & Marketing

Power point presentations, broachers, and flyers and what have yours are past’. What can make you stand out are to-the-point personalized video presentations

Sales Training

Get new sales recruits on the job faster with video on-boarding! On an average, on boarding a new sales rep takes more than 3 months. eLearning through videos has proven to reduce it to 2 months- a 35% saving in time i.e first sales can be expected a month earlier! Videonx makes it easy to record and share training materials, product demos and everything else needed to onboard new reps quickly. Besides, it helps keep the process consistent and complete, and ensures that every rep gets the right information the right way as they get up to speed.

Marketing content

Research shows that nothing less than 85% of sales take place due to the presence of an explainer video! After you are through establishing your brand, mapping buyer journeys and the rest of the jazz, what remains is to explain to your potential buyers in plain and simple terms what your products do. With Videonx’s amazing tools, you explain, engage, inform and motivate...at the speed of a few blinks!

Customer presentations

Why do we remember movie scenes much more vividly than songs and books? Because it is a mix of verbal and non-verbal i.e. scenes that registers most- upto 70%! Wouldn’t it be great if the same kind of recall is generated for other situations like sales trainings and customer outreach? With Videonx at your service, it is possible to generate sales and on-boarding materials customized to one’s needs!

Customer care and customer Experience

Add a video to your customer service function & see it come alive with a personal touch! These can also help reduce costs & time spent on customer service — like how-to videos which let customers skip the phone calls or emails to your support team.

Video engage better than text or static images and can be used in many ways:

  1. A human face answering FAQs!
    Add interesting scripts, animation, ideas and you make the most mundane of stuff appear interesting!

  2. Teach & chat with videos:

    For products that need some kind of assembling like DIY or craft projects, videos help far more than text instructions. Better still! In this digital age of communication, ask your customers to send you their own assembly or craft-project videos, so that you can share them with others. Credibility it shall add while making a dedicated community of your client's! What’s better!

  3. Broadcast service messages using videos:

    Good news and bad news is best communicated in person, the nearest to which is video. Be it a new line of products or old ones with new problems announce it to the world with a video- and see the effect!

  4. Go social with videos:

    With social interactions shrinking to social networks like Facebook & twitter, increase your online presence using videos! With the like-share feature, its reach is bound to go thrugh the roof!


We are not a Video Production Company. We are a digital marketing company who produces, hosts and markets result oriented and engaging video content. Merging Videonx brings you creativity and digital transformation together. We create marketing strategy that converts your visitors into prospects & prospects into buyers, followers & fans!

Videonx an all in one Video solution

Video Strategy

We use a holistic approach to plan, budget and integrate the varied types of video communications you may need at different stages of your marketing sales funnel and work process. We produce videos that don’t just make you look great but they’re developed with strategies behind them that get you results.

Video Production

A cutting-edge video production agency that believes in taking video production to the next level and beyond, our team of video experts shall help give wings to your dreams! Whether you want to explain a complex idea, keep your customers updated or share a laugh, We can produce videos to help you reach your goals.

Video Marketing

If you have uploaded videos on YouTube and are not satisfied with considerable views? Sit back and relax by assigning Videonx your job. The video marketing team at Videonx is equipped with creative ideas to make videos as well as tools that would cumulatively make your video go viral. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. It’s not easy making videos viral here. Our team comprises of professionals that would make this task a cake walk for you we monetise your videos on multiple channels to ensure you get a solid Return-On-Investment (ROI).

Video Platform

Customers hired us to create amazing videos and we did, however they had great difficulty on their end getting the videos delivered properly on their websites, social media platforms, managing and sharing them. We solved their problem by having our software engineers create a simple yet robust platform for video. This platform alleviated the headaches associated with properly serving video on the web and having their own customers enjoy it.With us you spend less time untangling your videos and more time on what your customers love.

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